I have been developing games from initial concept through release for several years. My goal is to be able to know every aspect of the game creation process; therefore, I have studied and worked professionally in many areas of game development. The work I have done includes being a game designer using Unity, 3D/2D artist with Maya doing modeling, rigging, and animation, texturing using Photoshop, and a C# programmer.  I have shipped games for multiple platforms both independently and professionally.

I graduated from Michigan State University with a B.A. in Multimedia Arts and Technology, with a specialization in Web, Interactive Media, and Game Design. Michigan State University is one of the top ranked universities in game development.

I released games and simulations for the military at Camber Corporation as a software engineer that were developed as training procedures. While at Michigan State University, I released games for educational research and collaborated on multiple projects, gaining experience in all areas of game development. I have also specifically released games for the iPhone, Android, Mac, and PC. Multiple games I have worked on have won awards and have been showcased at conferences such as I/ITSEC(Interservice/Industry training, Simulation and Education Conference), Meaningful Play, and Indiebits. There is more information about my workon my Game Design page.

In my free time I rock out on the guitar, am an aquarium enthusiast, love to try different foods and drinks, and am frequently outdoors hiking, biking, and running. Of course I play all types of games.

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